In island systems, many outstanding questions in geology, climatology, and biology can be successfully addressed with disciplinary-specific methods. However, fundamental questions often benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to create and validate testable hypotheses that would otherwise remain unconstrained or unexplored.

ISIC aims to bring together a cross-disciplinary community of researchers to determine the potential for geological, climatological, and biological studies to inform each other in novel, previously unexplored ways. To do so we will focus on the Galápagos Archipelago, an oceanic island system for which ample data have been assembled and that is ripe for more integrative cross-disciplinary analyses. Specifically, this consortium will: (1) form a long-lasting community of researchers whose discipline-focused skills will spawn new interdisciplinary ideas and research directions; (2) quantify the current state of the knowledge about the geological, climatological, and biological understanding of these islands and of ocean islands around the world; and (3) move that understanding forward by addressing outstanding, synergistic questions.

As a community, cross-disciplinary questions and lines of inquiry will be discussed and promoted at the upcoming Working Group and All Hands Meetings in August and October, 2022.